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Goings On About Town
"SPLICE: UNRAVELED" Dance New Amsterdam

Latsky offers excerpts from "Gimp," her ongoing work featuring disabled dancers, which beautifully resets preconceptions about bodies and movement.
New Yorker Magazine, October 20, 2008.


Dance Updates
by Simi Linton posted August 7, 2007

Heidi Latsky Dance has now mounted two pieces with disabled dancers. The first was last spring in New York City with Lisa Bufano. And in July, Lawrence Carter-Long performed with the company at the Woodstock Playhouse, in artsy and still hippified Woodstock, NY.

The work is new, exciting and immensely pleasurable. Both Bufano and Carter-Long bring meaning to their work, and use their bodies to great effect. Latsky is on to something, and is working on other pieces with disabled dancers.

The work that Bufano and Carter-Long have done with Heidi Latsky does not ignore or try to side-step impairment - they have worked to discover their bodies unique properties and artistic impact. Indeed, the way that disabled people's bodies are configured affect how they move through space and that can potentially contribute to, rather than detract from, their art.

(As a writer, consultant and public speaker, Simi Linton is one of America's foremost experts on disability and the arts. Read more about Simi Linton at

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Dance 3-16
By KAREN CAMPBELL Published: March 15, 2007

When the acclaimed New York-based dancer/choreographer Heidi Latsky first met Lisa Bufano, instead of seeing the multi-disciplinary performance artist's limitations, she saw new possibilities. Bufano, a finger and lower-leg amputee, inspired Latsky to stretch her preconceptions of physical and emotional strength to create the provocative "Five Open Mouths," which Bufano performs with and without prosthetics in this exploration of physical transformatoin and "an intense process of revealing and unraveling." Their work together also inspired Latsky's new solo for herself. The technically challenging "Woman at an Exhibition" examines the relationship of movements intiated by the limbs. Latsky and Bufano's collaboration was just highlighted on NPR's "Morning Edition," and their New York performances at Judson Church were sold-out, standing-ovation affairs. (top)

A Dancer's Hard-Won Debut
Published: January 15, 2007

In a sunlight-infused studio at the Baryshnikov Arts Center one recent afternoon, Lisa Bufano sat in a corner, attaching her prosthetics. Ms. Bufano, a 34-year-old performance artist whose legs are amputated just below the knee, worked methodically to attach what she called her "running legs," a pair of coil-like springs. The task was made more difficult by the absence of Ms. Bufano's fingers; they too were amputated in 1994, in one of 20 surgeries undertaken to save her life.
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